Learn with Meena Mouse: The Meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas Meena

A mouse in the house is a good thing!

Merry Christmas, Meena Mouse

Christmas is coming.
It’s not far away.
I have to wrap presents.
I should start today.

I made Papa a drawing
of Mama and me
so he won’t forget us
because we’re family.

Mama gets yarn
to knit as she pleases.
A scarf will keep her
warm in cold breezes.

An apple for teacher
who’s patient and nice
and teaches us all
how to read and to write.

The school crossing guard
who is next on the list
gets a piece of red cloth.
Now, who has been missed?

Grouchy mouse bus driver
who never does smile
gets a red juicy apple –
a bite every mile.

Squirrels get acorns
and birds will have crumbs.
I hope it will feed them
when deep winter comes.

I’ll sweep off the step
for old Mrs. Grump
so she can get out
of her home in the stump.

Something for neighbors,
relations and friends.
So many presents.
Will wrapping not end?

I will take care of mouselings
while parents are out,
and do it for nothing –
of that, there’s no doubt.

One last, great gift
that gets everyone clapping
the presents so big
it doesn’t need wrapping.

You can’t really see it,
but it never ends:
it’s being surrounded
by family and friends.

The best gift of all
is friendship and caring.
And always remember that
Christmas is sharing.

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