Trilby Plants, Dark Fantasy, Gatekeper Book 2


Spoiler alertTrilby Plants, Contemporary Fantasy/Horror, Spiders, Horror: Contemporary fantasy/horror that involves scary spiders that do terrible things to people.

My new book, Chaos, is almost finished. It’s a continuation of Gatekeeper.

In Gatekeeper, Kerrick Malone’s wife is slaughtered by otherworldly creatures. He finds he can control real Magic. Nadra, an evil wizard, is after something she thinks he has: an ancient magical Key that operates the Gates between the worlds. Destiny seems to be against Kerrick in his quest to save himself from Nadra’s goal of dominating all the worlds.

Chaos is a darker story about a woman who must face an evil adversary bent on bringing the Apocalypse to Earth and all the worlds of the universe.

in Chaos, Arden McEwan returns to Earth after training as a Gatekeeper. The Gates that open to many worlds are in danger. Nadra, a former Gatekeeper turned evil, desires to rule all the worlds. She breaks out of banishment and tries to implant copies of herself into innocent girls. In Arden’s quest to save the world she meets unlikely allies: a man who might be more than he seems, and a little girl who is an enigma.