Trilby Plants, Contemporary Fantasy/Horror

From Red Paint People to Magic

          In my world of contemporary fantasy, the unreal can become real. Real historical facts: Vikings and other explorers visited northeastern North America at least 1000 years ago. Scottish sailors and others probably explored the region in the 1300s and 1400s. The Red Paint People were an indigenous group that lived […]

Lead in Water, Flint, Michigan

Theatre and the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

To all of you who live in and around Flint, Michigan: My daughter is involved in an amazing new project. This is a letter she recently sent: First off: Please forgive this super long message! But seeing as we don’t know each other, I thought a real introduction was in order! I’m Jen Plants, the […]

I’ve been tagged by the MY WRITING PROCESS Blog Tour

I thought this would be easy. The Writing Process Blog Tour asks us to post answers to four simple questions about how we write. Simple but surprisingly complex questions. Thanks to Barbara Evers for tagging me in the Writing Process Blog Tour. Barbara is an author, public speaker, and corporate trainer. Her first interest listed […]

Lost and Found

My mother told me this story about an aunt of hers. In the 1870s northern Michigan was forested wilderness. My mother’s maternal grandfather, a French Canadian, logged old growth trees, cashing in on the bountiful harvest of lumber that build the Midwest. One of Mom’s aunts, about three years old, wandered away from the camp. […]