About Me

My brother and I in Tripoli, Libya

Someone once told me a good bio should tell things nobody knows about you, so here goes.

When I was five years old we lived in Tripoli, Libya. My father was an Air Force pilot. Before television, my mother read to my brother and me. The story I remember most is Gulliver’s Travels. My brother, a year younger than I, talked for a long time about how Gulliver put out the fire in the Lilliputian town by urinating on it. What fascinated me was the idea there could be other worlds, either within our own, or alongside it. That started my love of fantasy and storytelling.

My cat Blackie in Ismay, Montana a lifetime ago

When I was nine, I lived in Ismay, Montana. I wrote and illustrated a story my teacher talked me into submitting to the Montana State Fair. I won a blue ribbon!

As an adult, I’ve written two books that haven’t seen the light of day. They were practice. And yet… One of the books began 34 years ago at Flint (Michigan) Area Writers – which was founded in 1947 as Flint Writers Club. It’s published on Amazon called Fire SongTo Hear the Lee-Ath Sing Book 1. I’m furiously working on book 2: To Hear the Lee-Ath Sing.

As most authors do, I have a trunk book. Instead of being in a trunk it sits in a box on a closet shelf gathering dust. It’s written mostly in longhand and is useless, but some of the ideas in it haunt me, and I can’t bear to part with it. It deals with time travel and paradox and magic. I keep it because I made a really cool map to go with it.

I have published three children’s book: Meena Mouse’s Perfect Raspberry,  Hubert Little’s Great Adventure, and Hubert Little’s Great Wish.

I also have a time travel fantasy, Circles in Time, that begins with a magic potion gone wrong. I have a collection of dark short stories, Myth, Magic and Monsters. You can get the Kindle version free with the paperback.

With a co-writer, Nancy Tucker, I published a romantic suspense Double Danger.

All my books are available on Amazon.

My creepy dark fantasy, Gatekeeper, has a sequel called Chaos. The story is contemporary and has Magic, other worlds/dimensions, and giant spiders. Everybody knows I’m terrified of spiders. And yet, my friends continue to regale me on Facebook with spider stories and images. I must be somewhat desensitized, as I can at look at them, despite wanting to take a flame thrower to them.  I’ve even made creepy animated covers and teasers for the new book. With spiders! You can get Gatekeeper free at ProlificWorks. You can download for Nook, Kindle or a pdf.

You can keep up to date on my Facebook page: Trilby-Plants